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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Make Ahead Baked Mini Frittatas

Easy, portable, freezable.. yummy, hearty breakfast in a minute.  I love a quiche, frittata or strata but don't necessarily have the time to create and bake, when I want to eat one in the morning.  Made ahead in muffin cups, the outcome is great and they freeze well.  Letting you have almost instant, hearty.. savory breakfast without preservatives or nasties.  Pop them in the toaster oven for  a couple minutes.. easy peasy! 

Step #1

Fill muffin cups that have been greased lightly with  
2 slices of cooked potato
1 or 2 broccoli florets
saute´d onion & peppers
2 slices of zucchini
(or any veggie of your choice)

Step #2

Top with a couple crumbles of sausage (or bacon) 
a little shredded cheddar  

Step #3

In a large bowl, whisk together 
8 eggs
1.5 cups half and half (or heavy cream)
S + P
grating of fresh nutmeg

Step #4

Fill cups up pretty much to the top

Step #5

Bake at 375°F  for 25-30min. til puffed and egg is set, not liquid.

(Egg cups will puff up and then settle down)


  1. What temperature should the oven be?!

    1. Hi, Vanessa.. I bake them at 375° F

  2. How many does this recipe make?

    1. 18-24 depending on how much "stuff" you put in. (i.e. meat and veggies)

  3. What are your reheat instructions?

    1. I generally just let them thaw in the fridge (usually overnight.. as I pull them out of the freezer before I head to bed) and in the morning pop them in a 350ºF oven (I usually use my toaster oven works well for this) for 10-15 minutes or until warmed through.