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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Irish Pub

Love me an Irish Pub... happened upon this one tonight and it was quite nice.  Live music, warm atmosphere and really, really good Irish soda bread.  Seriously the bread was worth going for.. dense and perfectly moist, not too sweet.. so good and only $1 for 2 whole slices.  I would have bought a loaf, if it were for sale.  So, having that.. now I am on the search for a good soda bread recipe...  which in turn, means attempting quite a few recipes, in pursuit of one that is this good.  

Paddy Coyne's Irish Pub in Tacoma, Wa  Lovely live irish music, as such on Sunday and Wed nights.  There were 2 violins, guitar, mandoline, 2 different flutes.. one wood, drum bodhran (Irish) and 2 people sang.. which was quite beautiful.  

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