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Monday, December 3, 2012

Mountain Aire Mercantile

I love living in this small country town at the foothills of Crystal Mountain and Mt. Ranier.  Everytime I say "mountain", Scarlett corrects me and says "volcano, mama, volcano."  Which is true and also gives me a clue she is watching way too much Dora the Explorer.  Did I mention, I can't stand that show.  I am sure I have before.    
Anyway, if I had a store.. it would be very much like this one that opened up last July.  Mountain Aire Mercantile, a Natural Goods and Espresso shop.  Great selection of thoughtful and responsible products.   

These are some images of the store from 1939 which the site says were inspiration for the store today. Love that.  I highly recommend it as a Christmas shopping stop, while in this little town...  for gifts or a coffee and a bite to eat.

from their website

"Mountain Aire Mercantile believes in celebrating the region through food and community by providing local, natural ingredients, as well as exceptional products from around the world, and good old-fashioned personal attention.It's an answer to "Why don't they make things like they used to?" Mountain Aire Mercantile wants you to know that they do. Good Things, NaturallyCome enjoy our coffee house and natural foods grocery store today!"

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