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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Find: Vintage Costume Jewelry Tree

How much do I adore this?  Let me tell you the ways.  This has to be one of my favorite things I have seen in quite a while.  My friend Roseanna has 3 of these that she has found antique-ing about and hangs them above her mantle, lit up no less. The photos do not do them justice... they sparkle and twinkle and steal the evergreen's spotlight. They are fabulous.  The more you look at them the more you see.. a seahorse, a vase, a lamp, fleur de lis.. keep staring (try to stop drooling) and you will see something else. 

I do not own one of these.. but now I have something new to dream about and search for at the antique shops.  

Or possibly, get crafty on my own and create one out of the mass amounts of costume jewelry that I collect that does not get worn.  Maybe, one day.  We'll see.   

Until then, I will look even more forward to Christmas when she pulls them out again. 

lighting it up.. simply poke twinkle lights like shown thru the back.. (then hide the cord!)

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