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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Scarlett's favorite breakfast

We are lucky to know someone who we get fresh organic eggs from every week.  The most delicious eggs I have ever had before.  When Scarlett was a couple of months old, she had eczema really bad.  I researched and decided the best remedy was to change my diet, which I did.  I cut out all dairy, eggs, caffeine, nuts and wheat.  I already eat a pretty much whole foods diet.  Rarely do I consume processed foods.  Well, the changes made a huge difference in my baby.  Almost immediately.  And from time to time, I would think.. really?  and then have an egg and she would show an immediate reaction. I had heard that farm fresh, organic eggs were a whole other animal, completely different but never really knew what that meant.  We got these eggs from a friend at church and thought I'd give it a try.  No reaction and Oh, sooo good.  Hmmm.  Tried a store bought egg.. just to see.  Major reaction.  Had some more of the farm fresh... no reaction.  Really unbelievable.  Except I witnessed it. A couple of times.  This was no fluke.
When Scarlett started weaning and eating food herself, I was very cautious and went very slow. Introducing homemade grain milk and purees.  Taking it slow, I was curious if she was going to have a major food allergy, especially to eggs. I dreaded this, as I love to cook. Eventually, I tried a little bit of the eggs... no reaction.  And now is a staple and her favorite breakfast food.
The following is both hers and mine, favorite breakfast.  I had heard of this in Italy.  Most moms fix leftover plain pasta with scrambled eggs.  The eggs warm and cohere to the pasta, and it is the most delicious.  I can't believe it hasn't caught on here.  Sooo, so good.  It's our new favorite thing.

Warm butter in a nonstick pan. 

Add cooked macaroni/pasta. Farfalle are our favorite, but you can use any kind from spaghetti to fusilli.. And it's even better if they are cooked just beyond al dente for this.

Gently warm and then add 2 eggs. 

Using spatuala, scramble eggs around pasta.  

Cook gently stirring til eggs are done.


*Note:  I was told to add parmesan at the end, but me no likey.  I am a simple egg, butter, salt and pepper girl.. nothing else.   But you can do as you like.  I hope you try this.

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