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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life's a bowl of cherries has new meaning...

Fresh, washington cherries in season.. I am dying here.  They are that good.  I love them just on ice.. so good.  And Scarlett loves them in popsicles.  Found this recipe here for banana blueberry popsicles on Martha Stewart and changed it a bit.  The results are loved by Scarlett and I noticed a few keep disappearing when she's not around.  

 I use Trader Joe's Vanana yogurt (banana + vanilla.. have you tried this yet?  Total fav) and I only add sugar to taste.  Depends on the ripeness of the fruit... I usually use bananas that are over-ripe and too sweet to just eat.  Taste the mix before adding sugar, you might not need
As far as popsicle trays, I have a great set from williams-sonoma in storage (yes, my life is somewhat in storage as I have 75% left the tri-state area) and I love them.  You insert wooden sticks, which is just reminiscent of childhood, to me. But I got some great trays at IKEA at the beginning of the season which are plastic and fun colours.. so inexpensive, you can grab a set for a friend. (and pass along this recipe!)

Vanana & Cherry Popsicles
2 ripe bananas
1.5 c. vanana yogurt
squeeze of lime (or lemon.. I just prefer lime with cherry)
1-2 T. sugar to taste, if any
1/2 c. cherries, pitted

In food processor, blitz bananas til smooth
add yogurt, lemon, (sugar.. if any) and blend till smooth.  Pour 1/2 in a small container and set aside.

To the remaining 1/2 add the cherries and blitz til somewhat smooth.
Pour into popsicle containers, alternating vanana and cherry mixture.  Use a skewer to swirl or leave for layered look.  (if making layers, pour very very slowly otherwise they will mix)
Freeze.  Makes 6 popsicles
Pyrex measuring cups with spout are perfect for filling.
Blitzing cherries.  Cuisinart makes this recipe so easy.
a little helping hand is always good. having patience is even better!
 These IKEA popsicle trays are cheap, fun colours and do the job well! 

Here's to a great summer treat.  I just saw a Bobby Flay Throwdown where he made some sangria popsicles.  Can you say.. yum?  These cherries would be so good in that.  
So, the longer I am here in Seattle.. the more we are doing and seeing what an amazing area this is.  The cherries are just one more reason we are liking it here. 

Heaven= spaghetti + cherry pops for dinner! Life is good.

Update (08/01/10): Noah and Scarlett lovin' the popsicles.  These have truly become a staple, even Kiki (kylee) loves them.

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