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Monday, July 12, 2010


and really enjoying Mark Bittman's Food Matters.  have always enjoyed his writings and look forward to his new posts on the NY Times.  His recipes have always lined up with the way I cook and feel he is a kindred spirit, in that regards.  Loved seeing him tour spain with gwyneth and mario.. have you checked out On the Road Again, Spain... yet? A show I just watch and drool after.
Well his book basically sums up all the things I have been concerned or read about regarding our diets, food, the US, the planet... It's like reading a cliff-notes on what my brain has been absorbing for the past few years from a zillion different resources. Kinda mad, cause I coulda saved myself a lot of worry and just read the book. Oh, well.  
If you get a chance, get the book.. it's an easy, yet shocking at times, read.  And then there are some great recipes and guidelines in there too.
Love, love, loving it. It truly has so much information about our country, our food... that really needs to be heard. 

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