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Friday, October 5, 2012

Find: Vintage in the bathroom

I love to live with vintage.  A modern house with a piece here or there, just does me fine.  I also like to collect random pieces, that I don't need.. don't have a match or are given as a gift.  The bathroom is a perfect place to house a piece or two.. a glimpse of vintage or an antique that is put to task in a daily ritual.. just makes me happy. 

the busy counter with vintage at work

Blue Ball jars.. love the colour and I love to collect them when I see them.  Used mostly in the kitchen for food storage and dry goods.  But when I want a splash of that serene blue that evokes "spa" in the bathroom.. one on the counter filled with q-tips works just perfectly.  
And odd antique teacup trimmed with gold that has a sweet little blue bird that captured my heart at an antique shop.. is a must in the medicine cabinet holding hair pins or elastics, contact containers, little tubes of potion.. or like here, sitting sweet holding a weeks worth of cotton balls to remove mascara at bedtime.  Another great item to pick up at antique shops is egg cups.  Not used too often anymore, but beautiful and perfect for medicine cabinets to hold bobby pins and such. Love opening the cabinet and seeing some beautiful random vintage china or glass finds.

vintage Ball jars are the perfect serene blue ideal for q-tips
and the teacup by Royal Grafton holds cotton swabs

This little tray was a gift from a dear friend.  I have no space and wondered where I could enjoy it daily. Holding my daily facial regime containers, I enjoy seeing it every day. The gold in it goes well with my random teacup with the gold rim. The glass is vintage, too.  Not sure what or where from .. looks like an airliner emblem, but I don't know.  However, it is a great size and fits my tray! 

a vintage hand painted dish R S Germany 

put to task of keep the counter tidy

The burlesque bustier vase was a find from a friend who was getting rid of some vintage pieces that she had no use for.  Rescued from a trip to the goodwill.. I was happy to have this sexy little vase become the perfect alternative for the cup that housed my make-up brushes.  She's bringing sexy back.. to my bathroom.  

Bustier Vase Mid Century ceramics hand painted by Jeanine

And don't forget a clock.  I think one of the most crucial items to have in the bathroom so no panic sets in at anytime to the tune of "Oh my God, what time is it?!"  Panic is never good in the bathroom.. remember serenity and calm.. is what we are aiming for.  Classic Westclox are a find and I pick them up whenever I see them.  The tick-tock.. is a throw back to days before everything got all digital.. and somehow works as a reminder to slow down, take your time. 

vintage Westclox is a polite reminder to be on time, which I need desperately 

So, I encourage you.. use your vintage.  Especially for these everyday remedies.  Makes life more beautiful and isn't that what it's all about? 

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