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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

cereal (non-killing) snack treats...

A slight twist on the old rice krispie peanut butter treats.  We can't do peanut butter and trader joe's almond and flax seed butter is an awesome substitute. (good source of omegas). We also use brown rice marshmallow substitute.  Threw in some dried strawberries and these really came out pretty yummy.  Odd looking, but they disappeared!

I use Suzanne's Ricemellow Creme which is usually available at any healthy grocery.  Which I must say, also works well as a quick icing for cupcakes.  I am not a big icing fan, but sometimes the little one wants the frosting and this is a pantry staple that works well for that.

Cereal & Ricemellow Snack Bars

Melt together in small saucepan..
   1 cup of ricemellow creme
   1-2 T. Butter
Once melted add..
   1 cup of Trader Joe's Almond & Flax Seed Butter
whisking together till somewhat fluid
In a large bowl, have ready 4-5 cups of cereal (krispies, o's and puffs work well)
 Our fav combo is
   2-3 c. Nature's Path Krispy Rice (brown rice cereal)
   1 cup Nature's Path Gorilla Munch (corn puff cereal)
   1 cup Cascadian Farm Purely O's (oat cereal)

Pour warmed mellow mixture over and stir til combined.
Pour into a buttered 9.5 x 11 dish, patting down with wax paper or buttered hands.
Sometimes we mix in dried strawberries and sometimes, they just land on top because we forgot. Either way, they add a nice tart strawberry taste that Scarlett loves.

More times than not, this recipe changes due to the cereal we have in the house. Often, we add in a cup of Trader Joe's Strawberry Yogurt O's.. another regular in the cupboard. 
Dried fruit, such as cranberries and blueberries work well too.. but usually she just wants the strawberries... which works well with the almond butter.  And of course, she would never object to a chocolate chip in there either.  But these guys are sweet enough, so don't worry about that.
Have fun, mix it up.. see what's in your cupboard and create something yummy that you won't feel that bad about. 


  1. Oh yum - how do you make yours?

    1. Hi, Alena. Sorry for the delayed reply. o.m.g.!!! I just saw your comment.
      I just added my recipe/technique in the post. thanks for reading. This blog is half up and I really should finish more! Cheers!