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Monday, February 20, 2017

End It . . . Action We All Can Take

Perspective! Pornography is the CATALYST of SEX trafficking. It objectifies both parties involved. It is the machine that drives the engine. Endorsing Pornography=Endorsing Sex Trafficking. Something to ponder: 
(#Repost @dalepartridge) ...It doesn't matter how many red X's you draw on your hands if those same hands are clicking on pornography sites in the darkness of your bedrooms. Recent statistics support that one-third of the girls in the videos you're watching and on the sites you're visiting are being actively trafficked. Quit the ignorance. Study after study support the unarguable connection between the growth in pornography viewership and the rise of human trafficking. In other words, your online participation is the very fuel the trafficking industry uses to maintain its growth. So you can keep on watching your documentaries, you can keep on partaking in your public protests, you can even keep on praying for these girls, but until you recognize that your online habit is wrong, sinful, and dangerous your efforts will remain impeded. 

Photo via @nytimes #DaleyWisdom #enditmovement #humantrafficking #purity

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