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Monday, April 4, 2016

Real Energy

Lacking energy? Today we focus on 2 major practices and a whole food supplement that I have found has changed my world drastically.  Reseting your circadian rhythm and raw liver pills. 

Adrenal Healing (PROTEIN) 

Contrary to popular belief, I believe that most of our health issues are not age based.. but rather loss of function.  When your adrenals are damaged and not working properly, it effects so much.. and the symptoms look like aging.  I have been reading The Adrenal Reset Diet by Dr. Alan Christianson NMD and am learning so much about how important protein is.  How important it is to consume at least 30 grams of protein 1st thing in the morning. Actually, within an hour of waking for hormonal and weight balance.  Protein provides the amino acids that are an essential part of all living organisms and we cannot heal our bodies without it.  Protein consumed 1st thing in the morning actually resets our circadian rhythm which assists energy levels throughout the day and helps us sleep soundly at night.  Hello? 3-4pm slump anyone? I've always struggled with that. Bigtime. 

Well, this certainly isn't something I have really ever done.  Breakfast is not a priority unless it follows a more than decadent night out, usually with regret.  Hello, brunch anyone?  Favorite meal ever.  I used to swear that the best hangover cure was a greasy burger.   But besides that, I never seem to be hungry first thing in the morning.  I don't want anything except maybe coffee and a good french baguette or toast with some butter.  I'm sure I shared this already but when I was a designer living a bit more stressful life in NYC and at the Jersey shore.. I was the girl who's more than most days of the week breakfast was a big cup of coffee with cream and sugar. I would then nurse that and a few more until around 2-3pm when I would actually go eat something.  That was my world.  No wonder my adrenals have issues!  And funny thing is that I thought it worked quite well for me.  I was always thin, never had a muffin top or a belly.. perfectly flat.  Buzzed around doing a thousand things, nothing could stop me until I hit a wall around 3 or 4pm (slump) and then would get another cup of coffee or a sugar hit to keep me going.  I saw no need to change it.  It was not ideal but my body didn't seem to want more.  The outside may have been working, but the havoc wreaked on my insides, not very good. Now I can't even have a regular cup of coffee. My adrenals are pretty much shot.  I am that girl at Starbuck's ordering a decaf now. Yep, that's me.  It's kinda like a cone of shame for coffee lovers. 

So, here we are.  Mending adrenals and thyroid for me and preventative health for little one. Back to the topic of protein for breakfast.  Well, as you read, it's not that easy for me so the best thing I have found to make this actually happen is SMOOTHIES for Scarlett (7) and BONE BROTH for me.  Smoothies are way too cold for me in the morning.  I prefer a hot cozy cup of shut the hell up, aka don't talk to me and give me hot coffee...  not a bright cold cheerful chatty smoothie.  However, she loves a smoothie anytime.  Therefore, a hot cup of bone broth has become my perfect protein-within-an-hour-of-waking solution.  

For smoothies there are a lot of great protein options out there.  Here are my favorites to add: 

  • Organic Hemp Protein (Living Harvest or Nativa) plant-based
  • Grass-fed Whey Protein (365fit)
  • Peanut Protein powder and Brown Rice Protein (only if no other carb is added) 

It's a challenge when you are not used to eating protein 1st thing upon waking, but it has made a huge difference.  I believe that resetting our circadian rhythm is crucial to good health, healing and regaining that energy. 

Raw Liver

Another way I get protein in the morning and needed iron is consuming raw organic beef liver.  Low iron in women, especially me (I have always been anemic and struggled with that).. is a major reason we are lethargic and lack energy.  Liver is such a super food rich with iron that is highly usable but also so many needed nutrients that you cannot get as easily and absorbable anywhere else.  Here's a few nutritional facts...

  • High iron 
  • Excellent source of protein that your body can easily absorb
  • High in all the vitamin B's, especially B12
  • Folic Acid
  • CoQ10
  • Best source for trace element Copper
  • Zinc and Chromium
  • Fights fatigue 
  • Good source of purines, nitrogen-containing compounds that serve as precursors for DNA and RNA

Such a super food.. And there is nothing like liver that makes as drastic a difference in me and pretty instantly too.  While I love the smell of cooked liver and onions, (I actually crave it)  but I can barely handle actually eating it, chewing it.  Texture thing..  kinda makes me sick.  Maybe it is the I keep hearing "Johnny, I want your liver back.." sing-song and haunting my ass right back to the 4th grade.  Seriously!! lol  So, I've learned how to get around it because as I said, there is nothing that makes me feel better than liver and I know I need it in my diet.

Here's how I've learned to get it in our diets regularly besides cooking it for dinner.. 
Grated frozen raw liver into our smoothies. Yes, you read that right and before you barf.. hear me out.  
Simply keep a piece of liver frozen and grate on a metal box grater right into the smoothie. Blend up and viola! Iron and protein rich super food smoothie.  Did I mention you can't even taste it? Shh.  So good. 

 Raw Liver Pills This is even easier and what I do regularly.   Simply get an organic liver.. and then freeze it.  Cut it up into capsule size (small enough to swallow whole).  Flash freeze the capsule size cuts on a sheet pan separately and then place in an airtight container once frozen solid.  Each morning I take 3-4.. swallow whole like a pill. No taste, no problem.  And for 

Important when using Raw Liver 

Always make sure you are buying a fresh liver from an organic source that was freezes the liver immediately after butchering.  

Keep it frozen for at least 2 weeks before consuming raw. 

Never use the liver bought in a conventional supermarket when you are going to consume it raw.  Know your source!  It's not worth taking a guess on the risk. We buy from local organic farmers.  They know I want the liver and set it aside for us. 

Beef and Bison are best source of iron. Grass-fed is always best. 

If you consume up to 4 a day, that is equal to a serving of liver a week. (2-3 ounces) 

Fresh organic Beef liver, frozen then cut into pill (swallowable) size.
It's easier for me to handle when frozen.  If feeding to children, I
cut into pea-size.  Scarlett has no issue swallowing these capsule size. 

Lay out on parchment paper, single layer and flash freeze til solid,
about 15 min. Then transfer to an airtight container and keep in the
freezer til ready to use. 

For smoothies, grate frozen liver quickly on box grater.
Add to your favorite smoothie.  I find mixed with blueberries is
the most concealing.. We also add maca and spirulina which
I am sure masks the liver. 

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