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Monday, March 16, 2015

Pear "Tea" for Scarlett's Cough

Got introduced to this Chinese herbalist recently.  I went in with wide-eyed wonder, past the bins and containers of what looked like mulch, bark, mushrooms, sea creatures, oddities and teas. Felt like I was back in Hong Kong.   Amazing experience.  I learned so much and was blown away at all the knowledge and techniques he used.  We went specifically because Scarlett had a cough that keeps coming back but I sat and had a consultation too.  There's so much I will be posting about his time with me, my adrenals and all that.  It was amazing.  No wonder it's been around so long.  

But back to her cough.  Horrible, makes you cringe every time you hear it.  It hurts.  Here are the things he told us to do and what to avoid.  And can I say, it worked.  Completely.  So grateful for this healthy, natural consultant I have now.  I think he's gonna be one of my best friends.  

He recommended that I buy organic pears and make a tea for her to drink till the cough goes away.  No medicine, no side-effects.. just fruit! Did I say I heart this guy?  He's speaking my heart language. Healing through food! swoon.  

He also suggested that we also eliminate the following: Watermelon and Bananas.  What? Seriously, we had been consuming watermelon daily for the last week, as it was on sale and the incessant begging from Scarlett broke me and I strayed away from my "eat seasonally and locally" motto which we really try to uphold.  Go figure. Ok.  Avoid that when you have a cough.  Who knew?  The Chinese herbalist, that's who. 

So, we cut that out and started making this "TEA" which I will now forever keep in my wellness artisanal.  


(for healing coughs and respiration issues)

4-6 Organic Pears, quartered and cored Fresh water to cover

Place pears in a non-reactive saucepan and cover with water, about an inch.  Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat to a low simmer for 40 minutes.Strain and drink while warm. 

Keep any left over in fridge and you can drink this warmed up or at room temp.  

It's that simple! Not quite a tea, but a steeping and reduction.  

I would totally encourage anyone to get a relationship going with a Chinese Herbalist.  The wisdom is amazing.  It's usually a blend of "tea" that is prescribed, made of herbs, barks, twigs and whatever else.  Very curious blend.  The cost is the cost of the tea, there is no 
consultation fee. 

Disclaimer: This is what worked for us.  I am not a doctor and don't claim anything beyond our own experience.  

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