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Friday, March 1, 2013


March 1st. True to it's word, it is windy today. In like a lion.. out like a lamb.  You never know around here.  But spring does seem to be popping up with the Robins hopping about and spotting tiny earthworms every 2 feet (Scarlett really likes that), daffodils and crocus pushing thru the earth and have I mentioned the "mating of the frogs" song that we hear so loud at night now? That was a new country thing for me.  Don't ever recall hearing the frogs mate at night at the Jersey shore or in New York.  Maybe I just wasn't listening for that. 
March 1st also is St. David's day.  If you are not Celtic or live anywhere else but Wales or La la land.. you probably haven't ever heard of this holiday.  In LA there is a huge festival and that's one of the places where I first heard of this day.  

Love me a holiday and a patron saint.. and this one, that combines that with the celebration of the promise of spring, is just fine by me.  However, instead of hearts or clovers, today is celebrated with daffodil and leeks. Necklace wreaths made with said flower to be worn in celebration and remembrance of the patron Saint and Wales.  The Welsh wore daffodils around their necks to be able to differentiate themselves from the English who wore leeks. Hmm. Interesting. Interesting and odd.  Anyway, Saint David was the Saint of Monks.. and a huge encourager of those who had chosen to follow that lifestyle for their faith and on his deathbed quoted in part of his last words as saying.. "Brothers be ye constant."  I kinda like that.  Much more about him, I don't know.  That's good enough for now. 

Cawl a traditional Welsh soup made with lamb and highlighting leeks is typical St. David's fare.  So, do I have a leek and lamb recipe for you? Nah, not today.  Today I just wanted to post a beloved illustrator and her beautiful prints that highlight the Daffodil and express my increasing excitement for warmer days and spring! Inspiring to the illustrator in me and always ever so joyful.. Lilly Pulitzer prints ooze spring, summer and warm weather holidays. All of which I am missing right about now.  How bout you? 

Print by Lilly Pulitzer

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