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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stuffed Broiled Jalepenos

Let me introduce you to my new favorite appetizer, side dish.. hey, these are so good.. I'd have them for dessert!  Fresh jalepenos stuffed with cheese and broiled to a bubbly perfection. Seriously, one of the easiest recipes & plenty of room for experimenting.  I have made them 4 times now and have changed the cheese mixture combo 3 times.  This last combination is my favorite.. and a little lighter than the usual cream cheese & cheddar combination.  I bought some Queso Fresco, which has the saltiness of halloumi cheese.. which I believe is from the brine. Salty, salty.. deliciousness.  (Bunny trail alert) Have you even tried grilled halloumi yet?  It is addicting.  The Mediterranean cheese you can place on a grill and it won't melt, but will get delicious crusty char grill marks.. then you squeeze a lemon over and you have this amazing squeaky, salty cheese.  It's a must try. 
Ahh, back to the Jalepenos (end bunny trail).. crumbled Queso Fresco & grated cheddar work well together.  I added a tablespoon of sour cream to help bind.  
Now, the heat is a concern for some using fresh jalepenos.  However, with fresh jalepenos.. you just never know how hot they will be.  In the same batch, I get some that are juicy sweet and not hot at all and then I grab another and my tongue is scorched. Well, let's just call it adventurous appetizer.  If you want hot.. leave in more of the inner membrane.. Less heat.. scrape it all out. And wear gloves. And don't touch your eyes. or nose or mouth & God forbid what else! I have heard stories!  I have experienced 1st hand taking out my contact lenses hours after handling jalepenos.. let's just say OW! Wear some gloves or use a plastic baggie to help handle them. 
Enough said, here's the recipe...  

Slice Jalepenos in half lengthwise & remove membrane and seeds.

Pretty clean.. ready to be filled.

Queso Fresco + Cheddar Cheese + Sour Cream

Stuffed & ready to broil!

Toaster oven is perfect for this task.  ESPECIALLY in the summer heat!

mmm.. mmm, almost ready.

Ridiculously good!  Perfect appetizer for a summer BBQ

Stuffed & Broiled Jalepenos

8-12 fresh jalepenos, sliced lengthwise & seeded
1 cup Queso Fresco
1 cup Grated Cheddar Cheese
1 Tablespoon Sour Cream (just enough to bind together)

Place sliced jalepenos on a broiler sheet... In a small bowl mix together cheeses.  Using a spoon mound a tablespoon or so, of cheese into jalepenos. 
Broil till slightly brown and bubbly.

*Variation:  Substitute 6 oz. of cream cheese (room temp) for the Queso Fresco..  and omit the sour cream. 

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