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Sunday, December 11, 2011

visions of sugar..ed globes of gumdrops, danced in her head..

I think Scarlett's favorite candy is gummies. You know, the really-get-stuck-in-your-2-year-old-teeth-that-you-always-fight-me-when-it's-time-to-brush-and-I-feel-we-never-do-a-good-enough-job-gumdrops and such. mommy stress much? yes. duh. 

So what's one to do when it's her 1st real Christmas that she is understanding...? Make ornaments studded with such pieces of heaven.  Yes, this is one of the ways I ensure her devout devotion to me! 

This project is simple.  Gumdrops (Trader Joe's has an awesome pack of pastel coloured but REAL fruit included ones) 
Styrofoam orbs
Toothpicks, cut in 1/2 

Simply take half toothpick and insert in gumdrop halfway.  Then insert said gumdrop into styrofoam orb. Continue round til you have studded the whole thing.  

To hang, use a heavy wire to poke straight through.  Twist wire so it doesn't lose it's place and gumdrop ball drop to the ground.  Which I am sure, is Scarlett's Christmas wish.  
at top of ball, twist wire into a loop and hang with ribbon.  

Fun, childlike, sugar-laced wonder... It's what christmas is all about.  At least at my house. 

  Or simply set the gumdrop balls on a table, like I lazily did here! This was my Christmas tea table that I decorated.  Using glass cake domes as little snowglobe inspired vignettes. I have a love affair with vintage painted wooden christmas ornaments from all over the world. The dishes are french china and for sale here on etsy.

Another idea, if I had time would be to stick a small dowel in them and place them in a little pot.. cover with snow.  Little gumdrop topiaries... this, i think would be cute lined up down the middle of a holiday table. Alright, convinced.. gonna try one. Will post image later!

vintage ornaments and frames as trays.. measuring cups from the 1930's double as votive holders.

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