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Friday, June 11, 2010

the real jersey shore...

the jersey shore (this was the beach outside my condo in Atlantic City)

Lawd, oh, LAWD.. oh my freakin' gawd..  Yes, yet another show about Joisey is now airing.  What is the fascination with Jersey this year? My home state has rec'd so much spotlight and it doesn't seem to be stopping.   It's almost embarrassing.   Actually, it is. 
Jersey Couture is the latest, highlighting the garden state.  And much less cringe-inducing as the hot mess  'Jersey Shore' and 'Jerseylicious'. Although I do thoroughly enjoy Jerseylicious and the train wrecks on that program.  'Jersey Couture' however is about a family owned boutique in Freehold.  I actually have been in this place with a girlfriend.  It's hard not to when you go shopping in Freehold.  It's not that large a town.  
Never-the-less.. every show on jersey so far, has portrayed what we in south jersey refer to as north jersey.  The guidos and overly tanned messes that always come down to the shore and reek havoc.  They fist-pump in the clubs, they wear too much product, dress like cheap ho's and they have major freakin' attitudes.  This is not south jersey, this is not the jersey shore I know.  We are not this.  This is what invades our shores all summer long and we endure and pray for September when all the "shoobies' go home.  Yes, that's what they are called by the locals.  Rumor has it, that originated from all the bennies that would drive down for the day and bring their lunches in shoe boxes. For real. September is the most perfect month.  The beaches are empty and the weather is perfect... nothing but locals. Ahh, love it.
Point of reference...  you know you're from jersey when you meet someone and you ask "what exit?".  The GSP (garden state parkway) runs from top to bottom and that is what we refer to.  We grew up at exit or mile marker 26/25 (Ocean City).  Jersey Shore house is at exit 82 (seaside heights) 57 miles north of where I grew up.  Jersey Couture is at exit 100 (freehold).  Jerseylicious is 140ish (Green Brook, I believe).  NYC exit off the parkway is 148ish.  Honestly, this just shows you how the state really should be 2 states.   Separated right around exit 70ish. There are great things about north jersey, but most of it ain't being shown on tv.  That's for sure. And south jersey is just a whole other mindset. 
Anyway, being so far away from home, I get really homesick.  For the beach, the shore and so much jersey.  Then I watch the mess on tv and think, eh.. not so much.
Honestly though, most of this is just giving jersey a bad name. (as if it could get any worse!) Glad to see Jersey Couture and really, really hoping they help show the better part of the state. Please stop embarrassing me!!

Me and my nephew in Seaside Heights (a few years ago.. he's 15 now!)

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