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Sunday, April 13, 2008

call me crazy

ok, so I’ve had crazy dreams the last few nights but the one that woke me up last night was not my normal batch of crazy.
I hate it when people tell me their dreams, sigh, and now i am going to do exactly that. 
I was trying to rescue this koi fish that had flopped out of one of those lobster tanks and this cute little girl was getting ready to be-head it, she was about 6 or 7 years old.   I chased her away and grabbed the big white koi and as soon as I put him back in the tank...  the lobsters started hopping out and I was like OMG.. we can't leave them, they'll die out of the water!  .. noone else cared, I was hysterical.  as in upset, not funny.  So, I started grabbing these huge lobsters and putting them back in the tank.  It was a mad race and they were very vicious, and kept biting me.  There were also these huge hermit crabs in the tank that started to do the same.  I woke up from hearing myself yelling at the lobsters and crabs to stop, that I was trying to help them.  My heart was racing like my life depended on it.

how weird is that?  I would love to know what this dream means.  especially since there were hermit crabs, which was one of my beloved childhood pets.  I have never been afraid of them.  dreams are sooo weird.

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